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The Penomet Pump Really Works to Enlarge Your Penis

In the quest to make my penis bigger, I soon realized I had two choices: penis surgery or a penis pump. There is a penis pump called Penomet that is supposed to enlarge your penis permanently.

How does Penomet do this? Apparently if you follow the pumping routine that comes with the pump, you will gradually increase the size of your penis.


Penomet comes with a set of special gaiters. These gaiters fit onto the pump and dictate how much pressure, or suction, the pump will create. This is so you don’t use too much pressure, which can damage your penis.

Another great thing about Penomet is that it uses water to create the suction. Most penis pumps use air. The advantage of water over air is that it creates a more uniform pressure. This means that all of your pen is will get bigger equally.

A penis pump like Penomet is certainly a lot cheaper than surgery. But I decided to check out penis surgery anyway. So I made some phone calls and arranged a few appointments.

A few days later, I met with Dr. Mann at his office. Fortunately, I had found out beforehand that he’d be filming a segment for a local TV station that afternoon, so I had made sure I would show up after the TV crew had left. No way was I turning up in a TV special about guys with undersized penises.

Dr. Mann proved to be a charming, likable, regular guy. He escorted me into his office, which I noticed was filled with Penthouse magazines. Immediately, he showed me a bunch of photos of the proposed operation. They were gross.

They were grainy photos of penises at rest with an incision just above the sensitive area. They didn’t look like anything you’d ever see in Penthouse. They looked like stills from America’s Least Funny Home Videos.

I was kind of taken aback. Flustered. Studying photographs of another guy’s post-surgical harpoon status was not my idea of fun. But then I realized it was a necessary strategy, like showing birthing films to young women to see if they were ready for prime time. It seemed to be his way of saying: If you can’t stand the heat, don’t slice the meat.

Ultimately, I decided to use the Penomet pump to make my penis bigger. The prospect of surgery was just too scary. And expensive.

Penomet Pump Reviews

I’m glad I did use Penomet because it was simple to use and I ended up making my penis bigger with it. I think the pumping routine it comes with and the special gaiters are brilliant.

Penomet is not just another penis pump. It is without question the safest and most effective penis pump money can buy.