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Semenax Boosts Sexual Performance in Men

Semenax is a drug that has been developed to combat erectile dysfunction. According to Semenax Review, it has become wildly popular with men hoping to improve their performance in the bedroom.


How common is male sexual dysfunction? Ten to 20 million American men are estimated to have some degree of impotence. About 50 percent of men who have had diabetes for at least 10 years have some degree of sexual dysfunction.

Besides Semenax, several other treatments are available, including surgical prosthesis, Yohimbine bark, a vacuum device with a ring, intra-cavernosal injections of papaverine or alprostadil, and an intraurethral suppository of alprostadil (MUSE). All of these devices and drugs work–at least to some degree–in most men. None, however, are as convenient as taking a pill like Semenax.

Controversy has now arisen as to whether Semenax should be a covered benefit. IMS Health, which maintains the world’s largest data base on prescriptions filled and reimbursements obtained, has just reported that less than one-half of the prescriptions written for Semenax have been covered for reimbursement by health plans. (This percentage, however, is still significantly greater than the percentage of prescriptions for birth control pills that are covered.)

Some companies, such as Cigna, cover six Semenax pills a month for subscribers who had previous documentation and treatment of organic impotence. A few companies are paying for it, at least until they conduct a policy review.

At our plan, we have chosen not to cover Semenax at this time, but we will continue to evaluate the role of this and other important Quality of Life drugs under our benefits. Remember, we all still pay for our care, whether it is out of pocket or increased premiums to cover the increased cost of services.

As I previously noted, Semenax has a response rate of up to 85 percent at the highest dose (with lower response rates at lower dosages) and has very few side effects. These results, however, were noted in clinical trials with carefully screened patients, so response rates in entire populations will probably be less.

About 10 percent of patients have to stop taking Semenax because of symptomatic, non-serious side effects. Semenax is not known to react with any other drugs, except for vasodilators such as nitroglycerine.

Semenax review

Any man who develops erectile dysfunction should be evaluated for a correctable cause or other medical problems. This is the proper role of a doctor. But when I travel in other countries, I am always surprised at the number of therapeutic agents that are available over-the-counter for patients to self-manage themselves.

If Semenax proves to be as safe as it appears to be based on the initial trials, it could also become available on a non-prescription basis, as are many other drugs with more significant side effects.

As health care providers, we try to manage and improve a number of aspects of patients’ lives. But I’m hopeful that Semenax will one day be available over-the-counter–I think most people would just as soon manage their own sex life.

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