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The Joy of Taking Volume Pills

Ejaculating on your sexual partner really turns men on. It also turns a surprisingly large amount of women on. But what if your ejaculate is weak and paltry? To solve this common problem, men should take Volume Pills, a natural male enhancement product designed to increase the amount of cum ejaculated.

The ingredients in Volume Pills do one thing, but they do that one things really, really well. They stimulate production of semen. Period.

volume pills

When there is more cum to be ejaculated, the orgasm feels more pleasurable. So shooting a large amount of cum not only looks awesome, but it feels awesome too. And Volume Pills can do this for you.

Many men are wary of trying something like Volume Pills. After all, it wasn’t mentioned in sex education books like “The Joy of Sex”.

“The Joy of Sex” has had a major influence on my adult years. It hasn’t (I don’t think) affected my technique. I have not, yet anyway, approached a naked woman with the book in one hand and my trousers down – as a friend of mine claims to have done – but it has played a larger part in my existence than I planned. This is because it is one of those books from which I couldn’t somehow escape. It dogged my footsteps.

There was a phase in my life when it was there when I went in to brush my teeth and there, too, when I went in to make the first coffee of the day. It was in the downstairs lavatory and then it was in the upstairs bathroom. And it wasn’t that we had two or three copies in the house. Rather there was just the one which followed me round with the persistence of a cat that wants its dinner.

We have still not worked out quite why this was. Either everyone was reading it or one person was reading it and moving around the house, in order to cover his or her tracks. If you tried to air the subject, people were pretty cagey. But someone was reading it. And I still swear it wasn’t me. I mean … I may have dipped it into it, but…

But…there certainly wasn’t anything in this book talking about the practice of ejaculating on your partner. But the first time I did cum on a woman I knew this was the thing for me.

Unfortunately, it was difficult to know what was going to shoot out of my penis. A forceful flood of semen, or a weak dribble?

So taking Volume Pills has been a revelation for me. Now I know that I will ejaculate a large amount of cum forcefully. It’s the best feeling in the world!


I highly recommend taking Volume Pills if you like to shoot a lot of semen. It’s totally natural, so there aren’t any kind of side effects. It just looks and feels great!

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